ADCO is the industry association for Ontario's independent licensed child care programs. Its members include both commerical and not-for-profit licensed child care programs. The owner/operators and boards of licensed child care centres, nursery schools, preschools and school-age programs rely on ADCO to provide them with a forum to work together to continually enhance child care quality and service to parents. Through ADCO, members are able to share ideas and expertise, support one another, and access highly specialized information, training, products and services. ADCO accepts no government funding.
ADCO envisions a strong, independent licensed child care sector that offers Ontario families choice in selecting high quality educational care.

MISSION ADCO contributes to and helps ensure there will always be a prosperous and thriving industry of independently owned and operated child care programs available to serve the needs of Ontario families.

Parental Choice
ADCO believes that families are best served when they have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of high quality early learning and child care options. ADCO recognizes that every child learns differently, and with a variety of options from which to choose, parents are able to make decisions that best serve their children's interests. Quality ADCO encourages its members to continually improve and enhance the services they offer families and provides them with information, ideas, inspiration and peer support opportunities to aid them in doing so.ValueADCO believes families deserve the best possible early learning opportunities for their children, and helps its members optimize their operational efficiency to ensure that parents receive excellent value for their child care investments.Innovation ADCO recognizes that the way early learning and child care programs are currently delivered is not necessarily how they will be delivered in the future. ADCO supports and assists its members to keep identifying and responding to trends and developing new ways of supporting children's learning.  Respect for the Individual ADCO believes in the innate value and potential of every child, regardless of medical status or learning needs. ADCO always seeks to improve its members' ability to support children with physical or developmental challenges.Collaboration ADCO encourages its members to support one another in their efforts to keep growing their programs and provides a variety of mechanisms by which they can do this, so that no ADCO member ever has to face a challenging situation alone. Relevance 
ADCO believes that families' child care needs can only be addressed in the context of the broader social, economic, cultural, technological and other trends that shape their lives. It helps its members understand and anticipate these trends, so they can keep their services relevant to the people they serve.
ADCO encourages its members to pursue sustainability in all of their business practices and to avoid or limit business models that involve reliance on outside subsidies, referrals or systems over which they have no direct control.
Community Leadership & InvolvementADCO believes that families and communities benefit when independent child care owner/operators exercise leadership in a variety of roles. It encourages its members to participate in local business organizations, to volunteer in their communities, to meet regularly with their elected representatives and to participate in local charitable events.





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